Notes from 1-9-2011 meeting

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Notes from 1-9-2011 meeting

Postby Pastortroy » Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:50 pm


Ideas to enhance current ministries:
Divide large ENCORE groups
Website upgrades, links added, etc.

Wednesday evening discipleship ideas:
Financial classes (outreach opportunities), health, etc.
Adult/continuing education classes or modules

Missionary interactive stuff
Missions trip

Apprenticeship programs – increase

Series of messages into a CD
Worship CD
Church ministry CD to share with outsiders

Sports outreaches:
Volleyball net in gym; badminton
Spring basketball
Sports camps

Counseling opportunities
(“Counseling” is simply using the Bible to show people how to live)
Intro to Biblical counseling classes in fall
Ask how we can be used in this way – pray about it

Have church attendees fill out a questionnaire to see which of these they’d be interested in helping out with.
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