Accessing Restricted (Usergroup-specific) Forums

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Accessing Restricted (Usergroup-specific) Forums

Postby hs » Tue Oct 24, 2006 7:10 pm

A word of advice: If all else fails, log in.


Forum Refresher Course

    1. Log in at the forums with whatever user name you chose at registration (e.g., Robby = "RobbyArt").

    2. Select "[your forum here]" from the forum list.

    3. Voila, you're in.
It really is that simple. No extra key is required because [your forum] is attainable only by users added to a specific "[your forum]" group. If you've registered at the forums, congratulations, you're in that group. If you haven't registered, no amount of login instruction is going to help you. Join the club already! Your peers are pages ahead of you on this "technology" thing.

    "I can't get into [my forum]."
    Try logging in.

    "By the by, ol'chap, how does one access [my forum]?"
    Try logging in, ol'sport.

    "Did you break [my forum]?"
    Say it with me now: Try. logging. in.

Originally posted to the Writers' Group forum (2006-08-06).
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